Hand Painted Kitchens

Nothing brings out the style and elegance of high-quality wood quite like a professionally hand painted kitchen cabinet. Unlike spray finishes which often times leave cabinets and furniture with an overly smooth, plastic-like finish, the hand painting of Kitchen cabinets retains the essence of the wood. Stephen Malone Painting & Decorating’s professional hand painting service, ensures a perfect finish that really beings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. This service is particularly suited to furniture made from high-quality timber like oak. Our painting service puts multiple coats on cabinets and furniture to ensure a beautiful even finish.

Advantages of Hand Painting

While flat-pack furniture has lots of advantages, they’re usually sprayed finished, giving the furniture an overly smooth plastic-like veneer. For high-end kitchens, this may not be the finish you’re looking for;. This is why a professional, hand-painted kitchen may be more in line with your tastes. Stephen Malone Painting & Decorating’s team of master craftsmen take care to properly apply paint to wooden furniture without the use of spray paints. The hand-painted method ensures that the elegant wooden finish of your furniture or cabinets is retained even under multiple layers of paint.
Slight damage to hand painted furniture is also much easier to repair than their spray finished counterparts. Chips on spray finished furniture may require a complete re-spray to retain the smooth finish, whilst a hand-painted piece of furniture may require little more than a quick touch up.

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